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FOX RPC – A different perspective

I recently got my hands on the new FOX Rampage Pro Carbon Diaz Helmet.  I went for the Navy colour, but they’re also offered in Dark Purple and Oat (kind of a dirty white colour).

When I buy a helmet, I am looking for 3 main things and some reassurance.  Is the helmet comfortable?  Is the helmet well ventilated?  And does it look awesome?  On the reassurance side, I want to know that its going to protect my head in a crash.

Comfort level  

The helmet is about the same weight at my FOX RPC last year.  The fit is comfortable however it squeezes the ears a little.  I’m expecting that to improve with more wear.  My ability to see up and down and left to right is unimpeded.  And the helmet does not move when I’m turning my head quickly or on bumping sections (which is always).  This is because of the Fluid Inside ™ technology that ensures optimal linear and rotational impact performance.  However, the neck strap is a little short.



I hate wearing helmets that get hot.  You end up with a sweat drenched helmet that stinks.  The new Rampage is extremely well ventilated.  There is a mesh vent screen that provides airflow while maintaining protection from dirt and debris.  The helmet has 19 vents, 15 intake and 4 exhaust vents to bring cool air in and hot air out.  There is also a removable, washable X-static ® moisture-wicking & antimicrobial comfort liner.  That means the helmet helps your head stay cool and any sweat is absorbed quickly, and the helmet interior can be washed.

How does it look

The physical design of the helmet with the Magnetic Visor Release System (allowing the visor to detach during a crash) looks really awesome.  I love the design of the chin protection in and the futuristic shape and design of the skull protection.  On the negative side, for a helmet with huge enhancements in design, comfort, ventilation and safety (which I will cover shortly), they could have done a lot more with the colours and graphical design.


This is where the new Rampage helmet really excels.  And as a recent survivor of a major crash from which I suffered a severe concussion, this is what really counts.  This helmet offers the most complete levels of performance and protection ever offered in a gravity helmet.  The shell is made of a multi-composite technology and includes a dual-density Varizob ™ EPS liner that provides improved impact protection.  The CAGE ™ chin bar/eye port is intended to improve energy management in the event of an impact.


Be careful with the sizing.  My head is a 58cm, which aligns to a Medium (57cm-58cm). However, I couldn’t even get the medium on.  I had to go up to the Large (59cm-60cm).

Overall, I am very impressed with the new FOX Rampage Pro Carbon Diaz Helmet. Overall its an excellent helmet with just a couple of minor issues.

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