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How to select the right winter riding gear

Getting out and enjoying the outdoors is something we all need right now. There is something exhilarating about taking the bike out for a ride in the real world. Whilst indoor training has increased in popularity during these difficult times of social distancing, there is nothing quite like the outdoors. As winter draws closer it is time to select the right riding gear so that you are comfortable and warm no matter the conditions.

Selecting the right winter attire comes is largely dependent on your location and the conditions you are likely to experience. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to help make your selection easier.

1.     What temperature do you start your ride in?
The good news is that many of the garments these days have temperature recommendations. Most of us start when it is cooler and as temperature gradually increases during the day, we need to make sure the clothing we are not dressed too heavily with a single item. The key here is layering. Layering correctly will ensure you can strip items of clothing as the day gets warmer. 

2.     What is visibility like for your ride?
Safety should always be a primary goal when riding outside. As the days get shorter, we need to fit in our riding around day to day life. This often means riding when visibility is less favourable. Ideally, you should use bright lights on both front and rear and cycling gear that have reflective characteristics. Many of the newer garments these days have special high reflectivity properties woven into the fabric to ensure you are seen easily by other road users. No need to wear completely fluoro gear these days (although this will increase your visibility).

3.     How long will you be riding for and at what intensity?
If you are riding at a lower intensity, take this into consideration when selecting your winter gear. If you enjoying a ride with your mates at a leisurely pace, use an extra layer compared to if you were riding hard. When you ride easier, your body will produce less heat than if you riding at tempo. Dress accordingly.

4.     Is it likely to rain?
This can be a difficult one to know before a ride. However, if you live in a location that rains more often than not – pack a rain jacket. If you have layered sufficiently, all you need is a lightweight jacket. Jackets such as the Pearl Izumi one here (Pearl Izumi Summit Womens Shell Jacket Black 2020) pack neatly into your jersey pocket when not in use.

5.     Are you a heavy sweater?
If you are a heavy sweater, generally this means that your body builds up heat fairly easily. If this sounds like you, then make sure you always have a high quality base layer. A quality base layer will make a world of difference to your ride and will help wick moisture away from your body so you stay dry as you sweat. I personally like the Katusha Super Light Base Layer (Katusha Superlight Base Layer Tank White/Blue Stripes 2020).

Let’s face it, the reason we all like to ride our bikes is because we enjoy doing it. Don’t let the weather ruin a good ride. Dress for your conditions and the ride will be all the more epic.

Pushys have a huge range of quality winter cycling gear that will help make your next ride more enjoyable. Treat yourself this winter and invest in some new gear at Pushys.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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