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100% Hypercraft Review

100% have recently released a new product to their performance sunglass range, in the Hypercraft. The Hypercraft is a minimalist, lightweight design, weighing in at just 23grams (one of the lightest on the market). This weight reduction is achieved by utilising a frameless design and also incorporating ultracarbon technology. The added bonus of no surrounding frame also increases the field of vision. 100% sums it up well, “Feel nothing. See everything”.

The glasses come complete in the box with; hard case, microfiber cleaning bag, additional clear lens, and alternative nose clips.

The glasses exceeded expectations, especially whilst running, the reduced weight resting on the nose stops them moving around, as bulkier frames do. They quickly became my go to running glasses for this reason, however I have now found I wear them on the bike a lot too. The increased field of vision with no frame, especially whilst riding in the TT position an added bonus. The glasses also utilise 100% lens technologies currently offered, Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, Hiper and photochromic, as well as full spectrum UV protection.

There are four models of Hypercraft, shown above. Replacement lenses are also available separately, so you can mix and match colours. Every model comes with a clear lens, great for low light conditions.

These glasses are a great addition to the extensive 100% range. They are great for those wanting the protection of sunglasses, without the burden of bulky frames or decreased field of vision. They really shine for any sports or actions where there is a jarring motion (eg running). They will be my choice for triathlon race glasses, when we can race again. I am looking forward to testing them further over the coming months. 

By Mike Phillips – Pushys sponsored athlete

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