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What do you really need to go road tubeless?

Whilst I still prefer traditional rim brakes and feel they are adequate given the conditions I ride in here in Queensland, I am pushing my boundaries of new technological advancements (read: in road cycling) and going tubeless. Let’s face it, the only thing that can really …deflate my mood during a ride is getting a flat. Tubeless technology, according to the countless reviews I have read, have come a long way in the road cycling category over the last couple of years. Transitioning from traditional tubes to going tubeless is now relatively pain free. Here are a list of things you need as well as optional extras that can make life easier.

Things you need

1.     Tubeless compatible wheels: Generally, if you have purchased a new pair of wheels in the last couple of years, chances are they will be tubeless compatiable. If you are unsure, have a look at your user manual or ask Google whether your wheels are tubeless compatible.

2.     Tyre sealant: Instead of tubes, you will need some tyre sealant to ensure an air tight marriage between your tyre and your rim.

3.     Tubeless compatible tyres: This is extremely important. Do not try and use a standard tyre with tyre sealant. Standard tyres are designed to house tubes, not tyre sealant. Did I mention this is extremely important? Ensure you purchase tyres that state they are tubeless compatible.

4.     Tubeless valve: Something often overlooked, but a requirement of any tubeless setup. Remember there are no tubes with valve to inflate your tyre, so you need to purchase these separately (although they will usually be included when purchasing wheels). 

5.     Rim tape: Tubeless rim tape is different to your standard rim tape. You will require tubeless compatible rim tape to apply to your wheel (again, usually included when purchasing tubeless compatible wheels).

Optional extras

1.     Tyre levers: This is not a necessity, but can be a welcome helping hand if your tyres are proving difficult to mount. Note that tubeless tyres have a tighter bead and can often be more difficult to mount onto tubeless rims. 

2.     Air compressor: Whilst not critical, it can certainly help with your initial setup in seating the tyre bead on the rim when inflating. Something cheap from your local Bunnings works perfectly.

3.     Slug plug: As the name suggests, these will act as a plug when you are out on the road if you happen to are unlucky enough to have a damage to your tyre that sealant along can’t repair. Generally, this means punctures greater than 6mm.

4.     Syringe: This can be helpful when inserting your sealant through the valve and measuring the amount of sealant. Note: Many brands now provide user friendly sealant packaging which negates the requirement for having a syringe.

Once you have all the ingredients above, you are ready to commence the transition from standard road tubes to tubeless. I have just purchased the following items in my transition to tubeless.

What I have purchased

1.     Wheels: HED Ardennes

2.     Sealant: Muc-Off tyre sealant (https://www.pushys.com.au/muc-off-tubeless-sealant-kit.html

3.     Tyres: Continental GP5000 (https://www.pushys.com.au/continental-gp5000-700x25c-tubeless-folding-tyre.html

4.     Valves: Came with wheels (https://www.pushys.com.au/spank-tubeless-ready-40mm-valve-set.html

5.     Tape: Silca Tubeless Rim tape (https://www.pushys.com.au/silca-platinum-tubeless-rim-tape-25mm-x-9m.html)

Look out for my follow up review on how tubeless transition is going for me. Happy riding!

Tag #pushysonline and let us know if you have taken the plunge to transition to road tubeless.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete.

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