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Tyre Choice Basics

The most important thing keeping you from crashing every-time you ride is your tyres. They only link between your bike and the ground. And yet they are one of the most overlooked parts when it comes to upgrading, trying new things.

So here are some of the basics to look for when choosing a new tyre:

Front or Rear?
It sounds simple but what you look for in a tyre for the front is hugely different to the rear.

Take this Maxxis Minion DHR 2. It has a much bigger trailing edge for much better braking. While keeping a big side knob to help with cornering.

But this DHF has a very different tread pattern. It has much bigger side knobs and the front edge is much smoother, so it rolls faster.

What type of riding do you do?
The type of riding you have close to you or you like to do most is the next factor to consider. There’s no point in choosing a big and burly DH tyre for you XC Hardtail. So looking into the different casing tread patterns options there are.  Most Companies will have a nice break down of your options just like this one!

Whats you’re local terrain and Dirt like?
Another thing that is often overlooked when choosing a tyre is what your local dirt is like. There is no point in choosing a big and bulky DH casing tyre if you are local terrain is flat, or the dirt is super hard packed.

For example, if you are really lucky to have really loamy dirt then a tyre with some more aggressive tread will be a big benefit to you. But if the dirt around you is very loose and very fine you won’t see the same gains, so you could choose a tyre that’s a bit lighter and less aggressive.

More often then not you will be just fine with a trail or “enduro” specific casing for 99% of your riding and choosing something a bit more aggressive then you think will need.

Don’t forget to always have a spare nearby as well because you just never know when you will need it!

By Pushys Sponsored Athlete – Jackson Frew

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