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Crank Brothers x 100% Collection Kit

When you’re flicking through the New Products page on Pushys you’re bound to find a great deal. Every once in a while though, there is something that comes through that you just have to get your hands on. This is exactly the impulse I felt when I first saw the Crank Brothers x 100% Collection Kit. Gold accents on a sleek black and grey base layer are hard to miss and the appeal of two premier MTB brands were more than enough to get the apparel in my cart quicker than you could say “wow, that’s a great deal”. I’ve been putting the socks, gloves, and jersey to work in the south-east Queensland spring, and here’s how they weigh in…

I’ve been riding with Crank Brothers pedals and components for around 6 years now and have always been impressed with their simplicity in performance encouraging packages. More recently, 100% has also joined my outfit in the sunglasses department for ultimate eye protection and trail scanning ease. When I saw these two brands come together to complete the wardrobe ensemble I was kit up and trailbound that afternoon. 

The Crank Brothers  x 100% socks offer a subtle-go-confident style. They are soft to the touch and quality was the first word that came to mind. In my experience through the years, socks have always been a hit or miss affair. Either they are too cheaply made and choke your feet, or top dollar ventilation but deteriorate too quickly. With the CB x 100% socks, they offer refreshing ventilation with mesh over the foot and rear calf and more tightly woven polyester at the heel and shin when durability is a demand. All finished with a side specific embroidered Crank Brothers logo that pair perfectly with their own Stamp, Candy, or Mallet pedals underfoot. The specs are enlightening to read, but their forgettable feel on the trail is when you realise that $30 for this pair of socks is an awesome deal. 

There are certain personal prerequisites a pair of gloves has to meet before they have a date with my grips. This has come from having worn through many pairs now and awareness that your hands are the most major touch point for force from the trail being transmitted to you. For me, a pair of gloves has to have no velcro, no seams over the palm, and tough silicon at the  braking finger. The CB x 100% iTrack gloves tick all of my strict boxes, and the ventilation to the top of your hand is a notable bonus! These are my new favourites!

 The CB x 100% Airmatic jersey is the main party piece of the kit. It has a neat look with the gold Crank Brothers logo sublimated onto the fabric for durability and UV protecting ¾ sleeves. It is made of a heather material with a drop tail hem at the rear for coverage when in a dynamic position on the trails. The heather material can get a bit toasty at the trailhead in wind-still conditions on a sunny day. However, get the fabric moving in the breeze and a cool wash is dispersed to you to cool you down. When you are waiting for your next run, there’s also a sewn in microfibre patch to clean your 100% specs! The Airmatic jersey is easy to love with a sharp look that doesn’t require you to look like a space ranger! 

My wardrobe is refreshed with the new Crank Brothers x 100% Collection Kit. Beyond the allure of representing 2 of mountain biking’s premium brands in components and apparel, this kit wins the practicality game for mountain biking. The socks are incredibly comfortable, the gloves offer great control, and the jersey is cool to look and wear. I have even gone as far to get a custom vinyl print of Pushys on the front an back to represent my #1 brand! The CB x 100% kit is the kit I reach for first in my wardrobe now. The best part is this is only the apparel from this collection review. You can complete your kit with the S2 glasses, Racecraft goggles, and Aircraft helmet are all available on Pushys Online.

Article by Kaiden Carter – Pushys sponsored athlete

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