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Racing essentials

It’s been a long time since any of us have been to a bike race and as much as that is terrible we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, with a few small local races coming up.

So, if you are like me you are probably starting to dig out the race kits, spares, tools and all the other stuff we all end up carrying that we probably don’t need.


As a downhill racer this is a big point of thought for me heading into a race weekend. I like to carry a lot of stuff. Most of it I probably don’t need. As I have gotten my bike to a point that its really reliable, but it’s something that will always help you to sleep at night knowing you have it all.

The must haves for me are:

  • Brake Pads– I like to always have 5 sets because as soon as its rain’s I chew through them
  • Spare wheel set- in years gone by I would carry as many wheels as I could fit because I would destroy them. Since I’ve started running Carbon wheel’s I’ve cut it down to on set and a spare rim.
  • Spare tyres- Another one I over carry. Before the weekend ill put new tyres on the bike, my spare wheel set always have tyres on them and I try to keep another set with me.
  • Other bits & Pieces- I always try to carry a chain, quick link, gear cable, a set of cleats and a set of pedals. At a DH race all of those are consumable items and at some point, you will need them.
  • Other Race series- another one to consider is what might you need for a different series? For example, what extra nutrition will you need?

I’ve gotten into habit to keep a few small things like a tube and canister as well as a quick link in the car at all times. A few tools like some Allen keys, tire levers or even just a solid multi tool are always handy to have around.

Race Kit

This one is a bit broad, but I define this as anything not related to the bike that you will need to go racing. So that can include your protective gear, your riding kits right down to your entry and accommodation.

My must haves are:

  • 3x race kits for a two-day race (one for Saturday practice, one for Sunday practice and a spare or a clean one for your race run assuming its wet)
  • Gloves 5x- I try to carry enough gloves to do practice on Saturday on two sets and 3 sets for Sunday. (one set a run)
  • Goggles– I like to have at least 2x sets, one dry and one stays set up with roll offs or tear offs for the wet. It’s over kill and will hardly ever be used but will save your life when you need them.

As you can see, I like to carry a lot of gear and a lot of in preparation for the slight chance we may get rain in AUS. As a downhill racer, being prepared for the mud is the most important thing about riding in the mud. If you are wet, cold, and miserable…your riding will suffer as much as you are.

I hope that helps you get prepared and gets you excited about your next chance to race whenever that may be!

By Jackson Frew – Pushys sponsored athlete

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