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Theragun Pro – Your take anywhere massage therapist

There are many tools at an athletes disposal these days, with new technology constantly being developed. Whilst equipment like wheels, bikes, helmets can make you faster, keeping your body in check will allow you to train more consistently and therefore result in faster performances.

Many of us struggle with time management when juggling sport, work and family commitments and often find it hard to allocate time to body maintenance, such as regular massage. I have found that without regular massage, niggles progress to injury, which leads to time away from sport. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an on-call massage therapist to take address niggles before they became a problem.… Enter Theragun.

After recommendations from friends and reading comprehensive reviews, I recently purchased a Theragun. 

What is Theragun and what do you get?
Theragun uses percussion therapy (think: mini jack-hammer). The vibration and force produced by the has so far helped me increase range of motion, alleviate niggles before they become injuries and reduce muscle stiffness after exercising. The Theragun Pro comes with a variety of different sized attachments, which can target specific areas – such as back, neck, shoulders, calves, feet which all require different sized heads. It also comes with two batteries and a handy carry bag, which is great for travelling. Each battery lasts about 45mins. Last but not least, the Theragun Pro has a variety of percussion speeds, depending on the area and type of relief you are looking for.

Part of the reason I think it works so well is because I can spend 10mins a night after dinner focusing on tired and tight muscles. I use mine a lot for trigger pointing areas that often get tight. I have found the Theragun particularly useful for my hamstrings, quads and hip flexors which often become tight after cycling.

The Theragun cost about 10 massages to purchase ($899), which I have felt is well worth it. In just the 4 weeks since purchasing it, I have used it almost every single day and have been feeling better for it.

The Theragun has been a revelation in our household and without a doubt the best money we have spent on sport. The gun has become a staple travel item and I look forward to using it more

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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