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POC Omne Air Spin

Although little is known of what the acronym POC stands for, much is known about what their products are about – safety and style. POC’s great innovation for protection gear and apparel  in snowsport and cycling disciplines have made them a household name among fans of both sports. Such persistent innovation has seen POC awarded over 60 “design and innovation” awards in their relatively short 16 years as a company! Their great designs are put on display to the world by the EF Pro Cycling World Tour team, MTB and Trials wizard Danny Mackaskill and BMX legend Drew Bezanson. POC’s gear isn’t reserved for the Elite though, as they continue to refresh their range for all enthusiasts of cycling and snow every season.

I came to consider a new helmet after a summer of longer road rides for base fitness. It only took a few rides beyond the 80km mark to notice how uncomfortable my previous helmet was. Already aware of POCs great looking range, recommendations from friends confirmed that I should give one of their helmets a try for the season. The POC Omne Air Spin helmet stood out to me as great value at the $250 price point. Confident in the brand’s quality, I took one home to test it on a long ride the very next day.

The Omne Air Spin has a simple, yet established design. It has 10 vents for ventilation – 5 scooping air through the front, 3 outlets at the top and 2 exhausting from the rear. Should you find yourself leaving home in the early winter hours, you can also wedge your sunglasses between the outermost vents in storage. They won’t pinch your head and you can get the shades out in a jiffy once the sun comes out to play. The retention system wraps all the way to the forehead from the rear knuckle of your skull to provide a comfortable clasp around the broadest circumference of your noggin. It makes for even pressure points around your head for a lighter touch in more places. 

I felt this and the SPIN pads were part of the magic that made my new Omne forgettable on its first ride. POC’s silicone infused SPIN pads have a dual purpose for comfort as the contact points to your head and a rotational impact protection. SPIN is and acronym for Shearing Pad INside and is designed to reduce force transferred to your skull from the impact on the helmet in the event of a crash. The theory is very similar to the more popularly known MIPS system. I hope I’ll never have to call on this tech, but its safety stats are reassuring if the time comes. 

The POC Omne Air Spin has been a great entry into their range of cycling products for me. Many helmets have held my head over the years and I have been fortunate to call upon the safety features of them very rarely. I appreciate their cool Californian design does not compromise on its safety – of which their proprietary SPIN tech has been highly awarded. The comfort of the Omne is the home run I was looking for in a helmet though. Enough ventilation for steamy Queensland mornings and thoughtful touchpoints to your head with no pressure points to make the longest rides a Piece Of Cake!

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