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Going Tubeless!

The latest hype in road tyre technology is tubeless clincher tyres. Tubeless has been the go- to in mountain biking for several years, but this was generally due the ability to run low pressures with a low chance of pinch flatting. Pinch flats are not so much a concern on road bikes, where rolling resistance and weight are king. 

Friction is created between a tube and the clincher tyre casing, this results in additional resistance. Removing this interface allows for a reduction in rolling resistance with tubeless tyres now surpassing the more traditional tubed set up. 

Tubeless can require a bit more time to set up. Achieving a seal between the rim and tyre can prove difficult. I would recommend getting yourself one of the specific tubeless pumps which can deliver a burst of air which helps seat the tyre. 

Sealant is also required. This can be a messy job, but it is well worth it. Sealant is capable of sealing small holes which would have resulted in you needing to change a tube in the past. This is especially beneficial during races, with sealant you may not even know you got a puncture. I use 30ml of Orange Seal endurance sealant per road tyre

Choosing a tyre can come down to your personal preferences. Rolling resistance, weight, puncture protection, road conditions are all aspects to consider. I have been using the Pirelli P-Zero Race SL. These are a really good all-around tyre, they have very competitive rolling resistance whilst still retaining a good amount of durability. Typically the thinner the tyre the better the rolling resistance, and the more susceptible to punctures it is. I am yet to puncture, despite doing several thousand kilometers on rough New Zealand roads. 

By Mike Phillips – Pushys sponsored athlete

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