Product Review

Adidas Five Ten Primeblue

The new Adidas Five Ten Freerider is the latest model of the Freerider and is one of five Ten’s most popular flat pedal shoes.

The Five Ten has got that stealth rubber, super grippy sole but they still have the design that look like a casual shoe, where you can ride all day and then go straight to the shops or the pub without having to get changed, which is awesome.

The best the thing about this shoe and what we really want to show you is this is the Primeblue fabric. Adidas who owns Five Ten have developed a way of taking plastics that are floating around in the ocean and killing a marine life and recycling those materials, turning them into this awesome fabric which we’re starting to see in their shoe range. So, Primeblue is a super cool, super sustainable shoe, there’s a male and a female version of the new Freerider and they’re in stock right now at Pushys.

Check out the video of the [R]evolution review and other great content on YouTube here: Adidas Five Ten

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