Product Review

Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet

The [R]evolution MTB crew check out the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet. This full face helmet, designed with direct input from Fox’s elite downhill and freeride athletes, offers the highest level of performance and protection ever from Fox.

What we’ve got here is one of the top of the line helmet’s from Fox, This is the Rampage Pro Carbon.

One of the really cool things about this helmet is the magnetic visor, which actually pops on and off with an impact. There is 15 intake vents with this helmet and 4 exit vents so there’s plenty of air flow through it to keep your head temperature regulated.

One of the most important features with this helmet is the outer shell which is obviously carbon, but underneath this shell is an actual fluid under outer shell and the inner liner as well. So if you think about the helmet construction in the terms where it is similar to your skull, you’ve got your cerebral fluid around your brain, well the Rampage Pro helmet is constructed in a similar manner. What it’s actually designed to do is if you do cop a knock anywhere on this helmet it’s going to disperse the energy throughout the helmet, so your head isn’t going to take the direct impact.

The [R]evolution team have had a couple of these helmets for an extended period of time now and they rate the Fox Rampage Pro as right up there with some the best full face helmets they’ve had.

Check out this video of the [R]evolution review and other great content on YouTube here: Pushys YouTube Channel

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