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[R]evolution MTB review: Oakley Sutro Lite

The [R]evolution MTB crew review the OAKLEY Sutro Lite, which is a scaled down version of the original Sutro sunglasses. The lens has an exposed edge at the bottom which words to reduce weight and provide a wider viewing angle..

This is a product we’re super excited about. These are the new Sutro lite from Oakley

Now you might have seen these guys at the recent Tour de France and some of the EWS riders have been racing them as well and they’re now available to the general public for purchase.

What I love most about these is this massive shield, as this is the biggest shield that Oakley have in the mountain bike lineup and what it does is it keeps all that wind and trail clutter out of your eyes. The other awesome thing though is they feature prism lenses, now these are the trail version and they’re awesome. What it does is when you’re riding a trail , is it allows you to focus pin sharp on the trail and it quietens down the side of the trail so your whole focus is on what’s coming up, so you can stay super concentrated.

The Sutro lite’s are available right now in five different colours and the RRP is $279.

Check out this video of the [R]evolution review and other great content on YouTube here: Pushys YouTube Channel

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