Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Dylan Eather

How did you get into the sport:
I started attending cycling events even before I could walk. Mum would take me to watch my big brother and father race at Dubbo. It was just in my blood to race and I started racing at 2 years old following my brother.

Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Kurt Eather

How did you get into the sport: I started racing with the Dubbo Cycle Club at the age of two. I would attend the local club track racing nights with my father Vaughn who also raced. I started off in the tiny tots division on my training wheels before progressing to a 20 inch track bike at the age of four.

Track Spectating

Track cycling events are packed with excitement, even if you’re not one of the competitors. Try spectating at some of your local events to experience that thrilling competition atmosphere!

Tips to keep race-ready without getting bored

To ride at a competitive level, you need to maintain a decent level of fitness. Just riding your bike a few times a month probably isn’t going to get you the race results you want, so here are my tips to keep race-fit.

OPEN and Yeti

Andy Kessler has allowed us to reblog his article from OPEN Cycles to give us some insight into OPEN’s exciting collaboration with Yeti.