Le Tour de France 101

The Tour de France 2017 is underway, so if you want to keep up with the hottest topic of conversation on your next ride and sound like a pro, here are some essentials you should know.

Layer up this Winter

What is the best way to avoid the cold and actually enjoy the beautiful morning sunrise rides through winter? Layers! Here are some tips on layering up for winter.

Choosing the perfect saddle

Far too many people make their life harder by riding on a saddle that doesn’t fit them properly. With these simple tips, you can find the saddle designed for you.

The new Castle Hill

Castle Hill, just east of Ipswich, has long had some of the best trails in South East Queensland. Recently, thanks to the guys at DirtArt, it just got even better.

Consistency in Training

Preparing for an endurance event requires a lot of training. Recognising the difference between too much and too little training can mean avoiding time out for injuries, illness and fatigue.