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Rider review – 2017 Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1

Thanks to the team at Pushys, I was lucky enough to get aboard the new 2017 Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1.  My first TT bike was one of the very popular original Giant Trinity’s which were around from 2009-2015.  The original bike was a great design so I was very excited to see how Giant had improved their next generation frame.

Having just raced my first iron distance race prior to getting the new bike, I was faced with the issue of storage.  Racing for such a long time, you need to take quite a few items with you to be prepared for all scenarios (nutrition, spares, tools, fluids etc).  I found it hard to find a place for everything, and most things were taped or zip tied somewhere behind the seat or on the frame.  Giant has incorporated some elegant solutions which come stock with the bike.  The front has an integrated 700ml aero bottle, and a bottle mount has also been added on the down tube (none on the original frame), plus the integrated holder on the top tube is great for co2, nutrition and small tools.  This will make for a much cleaner, integrated setup over my next iron distance race.

Another key point I liked was the new brake design.  The brakes are Giant’s own system and are incorporated into the frame, behind the forks and under the bottom bracket.  The new design is very easy to adjust and provides great braking power.  I can now ride my TT bike in the hills with no concerns about stopping at the bottom!

Giant also has the battery for the Di2 Electronic gearing built into the frame, instead of being bolted on the outside like the previous model.

Overall, it is a complete package bike with some great design refinements from the original model.  You’d struggle to find a bike with this level of integration and engineering at this price point (Pushys price $5499.95).  I can’t wait to get out and clock some more miles on it!

by Mike Phillips – Pushys Sponsored rider

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