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Consistency in Training

Preparing for an endurance sport event requires putting in a lot of training. It is not about who can do the most, but more about who can consistently know the fine line between too much and too little. Getting this balance right can mean avoiding time out for injuries, illness and fatigue, hence giving you consistent training blocks.

Over-training is the most common mistake by triathletes. It’s an easy mindset to take, but that little bit extra or little bit faster doesn’t necessarily mean improvement. It can quite often be what tips the balance out, and results in time off. When a coach writes a weekly program they allow a certain amount of recovery, and easy days are easy for a reason. This is why it is very important to frequently communicate with your coach to ensure you both work together to find the volume and intensity that is right for you.

Over-training is the most common mistake by triathletes.

Under-training is at the other end of the spectrum. Although you are not pushing the boundaries, you will be able to train consistently. It’s not optimal, but consistent training will be more beneficial than broken training blocks.

Despite what many think, the off season is also an important part of the year. Without any events on the calendar it’s often hard to remain motivated, but maintaining a good level of fitness throughout this block will let you reach a new level in the following season. If you have a long break in the off season you will effectively lose the fitness gained over the previous season and never progress.

Consistently training doesn’t mean doing the same workouts all the time. Variance is also important, but having little time away will benefit you immensely in the long term. Happy training!

Mike Phillips – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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