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Boardman Elite Air 9.8 Dura-Ace Di2

New bike day is a day all cyclists love and cherish. I came home from a week of competing at the International Track Series in Melbourne to a new Boardman Elite Air 9.8 Dura-Ace Di2, straight out of the box. It’s been a long time since I had that new road bike feeling, as I specialise in track cycling, so the feeling of jumping onto this work of art was exceptional.

Boardman Elite Air 9.8
boardman-elite-air-9.8-dura-ace-di2-road-bike-black-silver-BM16AIR98-PARThe attention to detail comes as no surprise to me, after following Chris Boardman’s work early in his racing career as he was working with different companies to produce more aerodynamic and light frames that he could compete on.

The internal cabling system along with the shape of the fork and hidden front brake helps to produce more ‘aero gains,’ something we grow to appreciate, even if the significant gain isn’t necessary for what you’re doing or riding for. The frame is produced with plenty of wind tunnel testing, and it has a 4-position seat post, a touch that I personally love because it allows the rider to test multiple different positions to be comfortable over different disciplines or events.

Dura-ace Di2
I had always heard about how good electronic gearing is but words can’t describe just how good and reliable it is. I love that when I’m climbing I can swap chainrings from big to small, without fear or any clunking noises, with an instant transition. Another touch I love is how the internal battery hides in the seat post, out of sight.

Boardman AIR Elite Seven Wheelset
The wheelset is like the cherry on top of the bike, gives it a perfect finish. Having 45mm deep wheel on the front and 55mm on the rear makes for a nice race wheel (I can’t wait for crit season on them!). It’s always comforting to know that if you puncture out on the road you can easily fix it with a spare tube, so being clincher just adds to the simplicity of doing so.

Overall a great bike, great value for money!

By Alice Culling – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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