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The Royal Matrix Jacket

Having travelled to China late last year for the UCI world championships, I needed a waterproof jacket for their late autumn/early winter season. I chose the Royal Matrix Jacket for its 10,000 DPI waterproofing and 10,000 MVP breathability. So it has 10,000 waterproofing/10,000 breathability, but what does that actually mean?

Waterproofing is measured in millimetres (mm). If you get into the nitty-gritty science measurements, a 10,000mm waterproof rating means that if you put a square tube with the inner dimensions of 1” x 1” over a piece of fabric, the water can be filled to a height of 10,000mm before the water would begin to leak through (Evo 2018).

royal-matrix-jacket-cyan-red-2017-4009-32-PARBreathability is measured in grams, specifically how many grams of moisture can ‘breathe’ or pass through approximately one square metre of fabric over a 24-hour time-frame (Evo 2018). The Royal Matrix Jacket has a 10,000 MVP breathability, which means it will allow 10,000 grams of moisture through a square metre of fabric, allowing all that moisture to move away from your body. Breathability is an important feature because a jacket that is 100% waterproof with limited breathability will result in you getting wet, not from the rain but from your own sweat.

Check out this cool video on YouTube demonstrating a waterproof and breathability test.

Obviously, you will need to wash your jacket at some point once the smell becomes too unbearable (and if you don’t, maybe you should rethink your hygiene practices). After royal-matrix-jacket-graphite-black-2017-4009-85-PARwashing my jacket I like to treat it with a waterproofing agent. I use an aerosol waterproof spray such as Scotchgard™ Protector for fabrics, which can be purchased at places like Bunnings. This just ensures the jacket will be waterproof for its next rainy day*.

The Royal Matrix is a great jacket, particularly for cyclists. Apart from its high waterproof and breathability features, it has a helmet-sized hood, a soft chinguard cover, a zip covering near the chin region to stop water getting through the zipped area, an adjustable hem to stop water and wind from getting through, and, most importantly, it comes in two cool colour options. I am stoked with my Royal Matrix Jacket and would recommend it to any cyclist looking to keep dry on those rainy rides.

Here’s a handy waterproof rating table to use while you’re shopping around.

Waterproofing Table (Lyko, 2017)

Rating Resistance Weather
0 – 1,500mm Water resistant/Snowproof Very light rain
1,500mm – 5,000 mm Waterproof Light to average rain
5,000mm – 10,000mm Very waterproof Moderate to heavy rain
10,000mm – 20,000mm Highly waterproof Heavy rain


Evo (2018). Water Ratings and Breathability Guide. (Online; 2/2/2018)

Lyko, A (2017). Waterproof Jacket Guide: Choose the Best Waterproof Jacket For You. (online) Mountain Warehouse. (Online; 2/2/2018)

*Note, if using a product on your jacket such as an aerosol waterproofing spray, keep in mind that you may then be altering that breathability rating of the fabric, and could also be risking any product warranties if the spray interferes with the function or look of the jacket.

By Janine Jungfels – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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