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Winter must-haves


As winter comes closer, days get shorter and the temperature on your rides only gets lower, naturally you lose motivation. I’ve compiled a quick list of must-haves to get you through the winter months and keep you out there doing what you love most: riding your bike.


Nite Rider Pro 1400lm Race LED Front Light


A good, strong front and rear light comes at the top of the list, as safety is always paramount, but a strong functioning front light is 100% necessary if you plan on riding early or late in the day. It gets dark sooner and on the crisp cold mornings fog makes it a difficulty in being visible. For lights, I know from experience that money talks; the more it costs, generally the better and more efficient it is, and you’re better off forking out the extra money now and having a trustworthy light than buying a weak light that won’t keep you safe out on the roads.


Santini SMS Wool Tech Base Layer

Base layers

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to undershirts or base layers. Some go without, some are happy with just a singlet, some wear them year-round, while some will only wear them through the winter months. Undershirts are made for different conditions according to the season it may be, and materials change accordingly. For the winter months you’ll tend to find base layers made of wool, which keeps the body toasty warm when out in some testy conditions. You’ll also notice that some of the undershirts are wind blockers, meaning that the chilly wind won’t get to you as much to lower your core temperature – very handy.


Mavic Sequence Womens Wind Jacket


A good jacket goes without saying, and it will often will keep you out of trouble. Everyone should have a rain jacket they can pull out on their rides whenever it begins to pelt down throughout the winter; usually they’re fairly compact, which helps to keep one in your back pocket so it’s always there should the conditions change. A thermal jacket is also a must-have. You’ll often see they double as being water and wind resistant, but resistant being a key word, meaning that water may seep through on the wetter days.


Pearl Izumi Select Sugar 3/4 Womens Thermal Tights


Long Knicks


I swear by my long knicks, wouldn’t want to imagine winter without them, in fact. They’re perfect for the longer days on the bike with cooler weather, where a set of leg warmers just aren’t enough as they leave spaces where they end. Long knicks are generally made from thermal fabrics, so you’ll keep nice and toasty out on your next adventure.




DeFeet Duraglove ET Reflector Grippies

Winter gloves also seem to be a touchy subject; some like to have gloves that make our hands feel as though they’re in an oven, whereas others, like myself, would rather have cooler hands while out on a ride. That being said, it’s important you can still feel your fingers while battling the winter conditions so you can still use your shifters, brakes, and hold your coffee while having a quick stop.



By Alice Culling – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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