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Saddle bags and what to pack

thelink-article-042018-aliceWe’ve all been there, when you first take up riding on the regular and you suffer a puncture. You don’t carry a spare tube with you as you don’t carry a saddle bag with you on your rides. Knowing there is no escaping getting a puncture at any time, having a well-stocked saddle bag makes the flat repair an easy process that will get you back on the road in no time. It doesn’t matter how well-maintained your bike is, how well you avoid glass and debris on the road, or how often you check your tyres, it’s all just part of the sport we love.

lezyne-loaded-m-caddy-saddle-bag-black-LZ1SBCADLDV1M04To be able to pack the essential items to get you out of a slight mishap, you’ll need a saddle bag or even a storage pod, but due to a pod being stored in a bottle cage, they’re only good for shorter rides. Find a bag that works with your bike and can fit all of your flat-repair tools. Some bags are fitted with Velcro straps which go over the rails of your saddle and seat post, while others use buckle systems for a more secure fit. Always carry ample amount of tubes, you never know when bad luck may strike and result in double flat or even a pinched tube. It’s also important to carry the tube that’s the right size for the wheels you’re riding, including valve length, type of valve and size. Unfortunate things do happen and having a spare tube may just help you complete your ride.

topeak-mini-18-function-tool-with-bag-tt2518.jpgCarrying a multi-tool may seem an overkill, but it’s often necessary; small tweaks to one’s bike is sometimes needed, and mechanical mishaps are just like punctures – no matter how often your bike is serviced and maintained, ‘mechanicals’ do happen whether we like it or not.

A set of tyre levers will always get you out of trouble if suffering a puncture; having more leverage means you’ll be able to change the flat in a near instant, meaning you’ll be back out on the road sooner. lezyne-twin-speed-drive-co2-regulator-with-25g-co2-cartridge-LZ1C2TSPDRV204

A hand pump, though time consuming to use, is always handy. Although, these days, CO2 cartridges and an inflator are more commonly used to speed up the process and yet again get you back out on the road faster. Just in case the spare tubes you have packed have a valve that’s too short, carrying a valve extender may keep you out of trouble too, especially when deep-dish aero wheels are in use.

By Alice Culling – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

Extra Tip: For an easy way to prep for your next ride, check out these Azur Essential Combo Kits available at Pushys – essential items you need for your saddle bag PLUS the saddle bag itself – great value and it couldn’t be simpler! Just don’t forget to grab your spare tubes!

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