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Rider review: Oakley Radar EV Sunglasses

thelink-article-072018-mikeOakley have been one of the leading brands in sport and lifestyle glasses for numerous years. The Oakley Radar has arguably been the most popular set of glasses for cycling and running. The Oakley Radar EV (Expanded View) is the latest offering in Oakley’s Radar range. Sunglasses provide protection for the eyes from wind and sunlight, which is especially important when spending long periods out on a bicycle.

I choose to use the Oakley Radar EV with Prizm lenses for my cycling and running. There are some key points to consider to find the best glasses for your chosen activity, and to also ensure they’re a suitable fit.

The frame needs to hold the lens and grip the sides of your head to prevent the glasses from moving whilst performing your chosen activity. The Radar EV sunglasses have a very light frame, which makes the sunglasses less noticeable, and they also come with a choice of two different thickness nose pads to suit a variety of face shapes. It’s also important for the frame to hold the lens in a position that allows ventilation and prevents fogging. Ventilation has been improved on the EV, with the channeling at the arms brought forward and refined in combination with the new vented lens.

oakley-radar-ev-path-team-colours-sunglasses-polished-white-prizm-jade-lens-0oo920892087138.jpgThe lens is very important as this provides the protection from UV rays, wind, and also aids visibility. The Prizm lens controls light transmission, resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility in specific conditions. The Oakley Radar EV is 5mm taller than the original Radar Path; this improves the top peripheral vision noticeably when in a cycling position with the head down. Unfortunately, the raised profile means older Radar lenses are not cross-compatible with the new frame.

I can thoroughly recommend the Prizm Oakley Radar EV for a large variety of light conditions. I tested the glasses for road cycling and running. The glasses are also popularly used for skiing, snowboarding, fishing, golf, baseball, mountain biking, and cricket.

By Mike Phillips – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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