Product Review

Lazer Wasp Air Helmet


The Wasp Air is Lazer’s new ‘stubby’ time trail and tri helmet, designed to reduce the aerodynamic penalty of moving your head around compared to a long-tailed helmet, like Lazer’s standard Wasp, for instance.

The Wasp Air is certainly comfortable. What Lazer say they have done with the Air is to achieve aerodynamic results pretty close to the fully faired Wasp without the massive penalties for a non-perfect position. They also claim that the air is more aero than a lot of the other fully-faired helmets, thanks to ridges known as trip wires that run from side to side. These create a turbulent layer so the air flows over the riders back without swirling in behind the helmet due to the lack of tail. These are hard claims to test without a wind tunnel, and even then the results would only be relevant to me and my position. The narrowness of the helmet allows for a decent shrug with the only issue being without a tail section pressed against your back it’s hard to know whether you’re holding it in the perfect position. There is some technology from Lazer coming to aid with this issue though.

lazer-wasp-air-tt-helmet-black-lazwaspais-bk-s4.jpgThe majority of time trial helmets, especially those with visors, are notoriously difficult to get on. The original Wasp required a special skill to get your head in without severing your ears. The Wasp Air is different though. The original Wasp (2014) model had the auto-fit system that sits quite high up on the head but the Air and the 2015 Wasps have the advanced turn-fit system (ATS). The ATS sits much lower, cradling the back of your skull, and is much easier to adjust while you’re wearing the helmet so you can back it right off, slip the helmet on and tighten it in one easy move. The Air is comfortable, which, in the course of a long time trial, is a big bonus. Everything is going to hurt so the last thing you want is a heavy, uncomfortable lid. As far as protection goes, it has CE, CPSC certification as well as passing the more stringent AS/NZ (AUS/NEW Zealand) testing standards. The Wasp Air costs around A$500.

By Dylan Eather – Pushys sponsored athlete

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