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Riders Review – GoPro chest mount

GoPro chest mount: when you love your riding POV’s this thing is a must! The padded, flexible chesty makes it easy to capture immersive hand-free shots form your chest. The straps are made from a very high quality stretchable fabric that look and feel like they will never lose their elasticity, super easy to adjust to your preferred position suiting any body type.

For me running the GoPro chest mount as high as you can on your chest gives your riding POV’s the best angle possible. I find the chest mount a way better perspective compared to head cam footage as it gives the viewer a realistic angle of what the rider is seeing when they are riding giving a great view of the handle bars and front tyre in the shot.

It’s super lightweight and flexible construction balances comfort and performance with padded and breathable material staying comfortable during any activity, so comfortable you don’t even know you are wearing it!

The price is very reasonable on Pushys online coming in at only $50 dollars, definitely worth it!

By Luke Smith – Pushys sponsored athlete

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