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Riders Review – Five Ten Hellcat Womens SPD MTB shoes shock pink

five-ten-hellcat-spd-womens-shock-pink-5330-par-newI’ve been wearing Five Tens since I started riding 5 years ago. They are just so good and there’s no way I would ever swap them to ride with another brand.

I originally started with Five Ten flats but when I moved to clip ins it was a no brainer that I stick with the Five Ten brand.

Five Tens have a mix up of shoes for flat pedals, clip ins or to just look good on a track walk and are light so you don’t feel as though you’re wearing a pair of bricks.

Five Ten shoes are made for all types of riding and are super comfortable. Whether you are out for a leisurely ride or racing, it doesn’t matter as the Five Tens do the job they’re made to do, protect your feet and be comfortable cause the last thing you want is uncomfortable shoes when pushing those peddles.

The shoes are laced up with a Velcro strap across the top, an added security so you won’t need to worry about laces coming undone or dangling and getting caught up in peddles.

The comfort of these shoes also make it easy to walk around in when you’re not on the bike or having to drive the car home, no need to worry about remembering to pack a spare pair of shoes.

It’s really good to see Five Ten releasing all different types of shoes, especially for the female riders and are great for the aggressive All Mountain rider to the no fear DownHill riders.

So, my best advice to all my fellow female riders, get yourself online now, head to and order yourself a pair.

Cassie Voysey – Pushys sponsored athlete

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