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Riders Review – Ride 100% Speedcraft

I have been lucky enough to be using the Ride 100% Speedcraft and also the Speedcraft SL glasses over the past few months. The “SL” stands for “Short Lens”, essentially the glasses are the same otherwise. I typically used the standard model for cycling and the short lens version for cycling and running.

I chose the HiPER lens on the SLs. This technology filters light into the primary colours, creating more contrast which removes distortion and enhances details. I found the lens great in direct sunshine, in darker/low light conditions it was not optimum for this lens. All 100% glasses also come with a clear lens, which is obviously better suited for low light conditions.

The lenses also have a Hydrophobic and Oleophobic treatment to ensure water, oil and dirt do not adhere to your lenses. I found that the outside of the lens remained very clear and clean, however in very hot conditions I was having to clear sweat from the inside of the lens. This was however greatly improved by switching the nose pieces to a more raised one (included in the box).

The frames are lightweight and the best fitting I have ever used. The gripper on the arms is well thought out, instead of completely surrounding the arm, as with other brands, these just have the rubber gripper on the internal face. This prevents grubby ear grippers!

Range of vision is thought out well. The raised ridge across the front increases the field of vision, which can be especially important when keeping your head low in the aero position!

Not only functional, these glasses also look cool. Both lenses are striking colours and mirrored. The frames on the Sagan LE speed crafts has a metallic lustre. There is a huge range of frame and lens colours, to create your own unique look!

Mike Phillips – Pushys sponsored athlete


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