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Going wireless with Di2?

Going wireless with Di2?
Shimano’s electronic wired shift system is one that is flawless and packed with impressive features vs their mechanical counterpart. But there’s always been a few things the cycling purist identify as deal breakers. For example, not knowing battery status unless it is plugged in to the e-tube interface.
Well, did you know you can unlock wireless features such as battery level and even more with the simple addition of the EU-WU111 unit? This tiny unit unlocks Di2’s potential to wirelessly communicate with your Garmin, Wahoo or any other Bluetooth/Wireless unit you have. Key features I like
  • Check battery status on my Garmin
  • Check your current gear ratio whilst riding
  • Monitor the number of gear shifts in a ride
  • Change shift button functionality and speed of shifting
Ready to unlock Di2’s hidden button feature with EU-WU111?
Yep, it’s so hidden that many people don’t even know they have it! These buttons are located on the top of the road shift lever hoods in the 9100 and 8000 series of Di2.
What exactly do the hidden buttons do?
These hidden buttons can add a new dimension to your riding enjoyment. From starting your camera, initiating your Garmin or activating some extra power on your e-bike. The choices are endless and so convenient!
Personally I have programmed my Di2 hidden buttons to change gears and scroll through my Garmin screen pages.  My wife is a little apprehensive in taking her hands off the bars, so I programmed hers to press the lap on her Garmin and shift to a higher gear. Added safety and happy wife!
Make your life easier and get the small wireless upgrade for your Di2.
By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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