Sponsored Riders

Pushys Gravity Team

Mitch-1Mitch Mckinlay: @mitchmckinlay
Wisdom and Knowledge, has ridden bikes for longer than half the teams ages!
Sport: DH, enduro and all bike shredding
A long history in racing bikes from DH Worlcups to National XC-M racing & back to running a Gravity team to get the kids out ripping it up

Tobias-1Tobias Van-Oeveren: @tobias.vano
Gnarshredder with a dash of extreme & fastness
Sport: Dh, freeride and jumps, with a dash on Enduro
Starting off with an enduro bike, riding bikepark and trails to racing World cup DH repping an Aussie Jersey

Mike-1Mike Ross: @mikerossbmx
Flips & Rips, Jumps & Pumps you name it, Mikey rides it
Sport: BMX freestyle pro who wants to get rowdy in the dust, bringing his tricks and style to the big bikes, DH, Enduro, Slope, Slalom, Speed & Style
Crankworx would tour, see’s Mikey shredding all his bikes in as many events as he can!

Mario-1Mario Baldwin: @mariobaldwin_
Junior burger, tyre inflator & ultimate speed demon
Sport: You might not get much out of this terror on two wheels, but Marz lets his riding do all the talking
With some impressive results before joining the team, get ready to see this kid tear it up!


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