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Pushys Sponsored Athlete – Jackson Frew


Downhill, MTB

Current bike/s
Currently I’m racing a Kona Operator, my main training bike is my trail bike which is a Kona Process 153.

Where do you live
I live in Canberra.

How did you get into the sport:
I started in Bmx, after a long time of racing the same tracks I got a bit burnt out. At the same time I had some friends getting into MTB and I decided to go along once, that was that!

What does your regular training week consist of:
A regular training week is very dependent on what time of year is, what races are coming up and most importantly where I am.When I’m at home, a regular week includes 3 gym sessions, 2 long rides, a session at the bmx track or on the pump track and of course at least one day of riding DH.

Best piece of advice you have been given:
I’ve been really lucky to have some great mentors so its really hard to decide the best piece. If I had to choose one it would probably be “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast and fast is fun”

Where you draw inspiration from
I draw inspiration from a lot of different places, at the moment I’ve been looking to Supercross and motocross athletes especially guys like Ken Roczen and Adam Ciancurilo. They bring a whole new meaning to committed while keeping it fun.

How do you keep motivated:
I’ve always found that motivation comes from the last result. It makes it hard when racing isn’t going well but it makes it feel so much better when I’m able to turn that around!

2019 Results:
1st Oceania championships
4th Australian National Championships
30th World Championships
28th World Cup Finals

2020 Events:
Full 7 round World Cup season
Australian National Championships
Crankworx Whistler
World Championships.

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