Product Review

XLab Delta Sonic ML Cage Carrier

The XLab Delta Sonic ML Cage is a sturdy and highly adjustable rear bottle system for bikes with a 10mm horizontal seat post hole. I was previously using the XLab Delta 400 rear mount system on my Canyon TT, however my new Ridley Dean did not fit this hydration system. I’ve been using the XLab Delta Sonic for a few months now, and it’s perfect for my bike and style of riding. 

This product has been tested multiple times in a wind tunnel to create an efficient and aerodynamic solution to saddle bottle mounts and cages. The cage allows your bottle to sit close to the saddle, hiding your draft. This in turn creates a clean and efficient airflow. The Delta Sonic Cage features the renowned Gorilla High Grip Carbon Cage. 

Using this device has proven to be very simple and effective. It is light and adjustable, making it easy to put together with a simple bolt and screw. The XLab Delta Sonic Rod has great adjustability of 82.5mm to suit most riding styles. It can slide along the seat post for a customized fit as to the reach to the bottle. XLab recommends a 1” insertion into the seat post. Also, when travelling and packing your bike in your box/case, you can simply remove it from your seat post and place it back on when you arrive at your destination.

XLab has discovered that the Delta Sonic is compatible with Cervelo P5 & 2013 P3, Scott Plasma, Kestrel 4000, Fuji D6 & Norcom, BH Aero and Ridley Dean. 

I highly recommend the XLab Delta Sonic Cage Carrier to anyone looking for a rear bottle mount if the XLab Delta 400 doesn’t mount your bike.

By Laura Dennis – Pushys sponsored athlete

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