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Review: Quad Lock Out Front Mount and Case

The Quad Lock Out Front Handlebar Mount suits handlebar sizes 31.8mm and 25.4mm and is compatible with all Quad Lock cases. I’m an android user so I also snapped up the Samsung Galaxy S10e Protective Case, it’s drop proof of course and is compatible with wireless charging!  

Being the bike enthusiast I am, I wanted to get a phone holder that was actually going to secure my phone whilst riding, and not the cheap ebay ‘secure’ given the high impact of some of my riding. I found it’s a great design that allows for easy locking and removal – a single ‘click’ sound gives me that piece of mind my phone’s locked in the mount and not going to be in the middle of the trail after the first jump. 

A nifty feature of this mount is its ability to flip over the stem which is ideal for mountain bikes, short or unusually shaped stems. Additionally, the flat design is not only aerodynamic but allows for easy viewing of all your must have apps like Strava, Google Maps, Netflix, YouTube ‘how to mtb’ videos, but most importantly the Pushys website. You don’t want to miss out on snapping up those great deals!      

Despite having the extra mounting unit on the back of the Quad Lock case, it wasn’t actually as bulky as I’d thought. It easily fit in my pocket and was able to take plenty of hits with the impact resistant edge-to-edge protection when I clumsily dropped it. One of my many skills – trials rider and experienced phone dropper haha.  I don’t like to subscribe to cliché slogans but ‘smart phone mounting for an active lifestyle’ is actually quite accurate in this case, I’ll even admit that. I haven’t been disappointed with this product and can safely recommend you should secure yourself a Quad Lock Mount and Case.

By Pushys Sponsored Rider ~ Janine Jungfels

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